14 September 2015

Adventures On Three [ and occasionally two ] wheels - Ross' Berkeley T60

As editor of the Classic Corvette Club UKs magazine - www.corvetteclub.org.uk - Ross is doing a series on his personal transportation evolution. He has kindly agreed to share the story of his first car here.
Like many of us, he started his life of motorised transportation and fascination with powered wheel things on motorbikes. The story of the AJS is pretty darn humourous, but you'll have to look that one up yourself. We'll pick up here where the first car story begins...

"After  the Steroidal Dumper Truck AJS Combo, my urge to progress on to cars began to beckon to me and and eventually swapped the pre-cafe racer AJS 500 for a rather tatty looking white 1960 Berkeley T60 three wheeler complete with a hand painted red Ladybird on the bonnet. Was this an early example of custom airbrushed paintwork(probably not!)? Squint rather hard and you could almost imagine the Berkeley from the frontal view as being a bit like a miniature E Type Jaguar with its concealed headlamps and open grille (OK, perhaps not).
Library photo of a Berkeley - mine was white and not quite this tidy...

17 April 2015

Jay's Anglia

Received an email from my buddy Jay at Mainly Muscle recounting the story of his first car. FINALLY. But in his defence, Jay is a busy man; he oversees 3 very successful businesses, as well as a lovely wife, 2 beautiful daughters, a Big Friendly Dog, a couple of boats, two or three dozen collectible and muscle cars, and of course his Mainly Muscle shop. I don’t know where he finds time to sleep ; but lets pick up where he starts talking about his first Ford, given to him before he could even drive on public roads…

“I’ve heard many comments over the years, and more every day, from guys who say something to the effect of “the poor mileage, sloppy handling, squishy brakes, etc, caused me to unload my Musclecar in the 70s, and I’ve never looked back.”
A 1960 Anglia is the car that MADE me ‘Mainly Muscle’. My Dad bought one new for my mother who was pregnant with me at the time. Dad somehow thought it was sporty, with the British roots and burgundy with grey roof two tone paint. It was Mom’s kid/grocery hauler for 11 years, whilst Dad drove nice, company supplied Pontiacs, Impalas, and Oldsmobiles. When she dropped me off at school, I would make her park a block away. Being seen in that car made my boy parts shrink like an ice bath…
The car ended up with a hole in the block, but would actually still run about 40 mph if you kept enough oil in her. Parents gave it to me to rip around the acreage in when I was 12, which was a lot of fun, but I still thought it was the un-sexiest car ever.
About 10 years later, a local guy did one up to a very high quality with a 289, green with yellow stripes, big rubber, the whole 9 yards. The car made absolutely no sense to me at all…

The Anglia experience had life changing consequences :
My parents divorced
I have been a fan of heavy metal muscle cars since, and will be forever
My wife always drives a nicer vehicle than I
My mom Married the next time for money
and Dad drives Caddies

Still, it was technically my first car ; wonder about doing one up in BRG, yellow Lotus stripe, lowered with flares and a thumpin 289…  Nahhhhhhhh !  Still the un-sexiest car ever!”

 [ this isnt actually my car, but a photo I found that looks just like it. Though it didnt look nearly this good by the time I got it! ]

08 December 2014

We're Moving....

Due to a monumental foul up at godaddy , for which they deny responsibility but, oh, just happen to have given the domain name to a company apparently owned by the same guy who started godaddy and will gladly sell it for 4 times what I have been paying, www.myfirstcar.me is no longer a functional address for this site. So... we are moving to www.firstcarstories.com , hosted by the nice folks at No IP . As YrHmblHst isnt particularly computer literate, I am unsure if the address bookmarked by all half dozen of you will follow, so kindly reset it if necessary. Thanx!

06 October 2014

Struggles On The Road: My First, Second, and Third Cars...

This is the story of my first car--well, technically, my third car. My actual first car was one that I never drove and my second one nearly killed me before breaking down. I prefer not to count either of those, but I’ll include them in my story.

My parents were kind enough to buy me a cheap car before I even officially had my license. I suspect they didn’t want me borrowing their cars so they bought me something called a Chevy Citation instead. It was a car I had never heard of, and I found it odd that it was named after a traffic ticket. There was nothing nice or fancy about it, but I figured that if it ran eventually, that was good enough for me. It never did.

16 September 2014

Becky's Monte Carlo

So...my friend Becky emailed me about selling her Mustang the other day. We 'discussed' the car a bit, and I reminded her that she had, um, er, 'forgotten' to write a post about her first car. [as has Mike...] She wrote back ---
"As far as writing about “My First Car”, I don’t necessarily know that anyone would want to read about my first car – HA! It was a 1973 hand-me-down Monte Carlo that my dad put glass-pack mufflers on because he thought it sounded “cool” when they went POP!POP!POP! as I let off of the accelerator.
My Monte Carlo was a terrible, flat butterscotch color. It had a 1/2 vinyl top in black and black interior/black cloth seats. (Bench front seat, not the bucket kind that swiveled.) Oh! Let’s not forget that it had an 8-track player in it too...   :)
There was a leak around the passenger window, so when it rained the front passenger floorboard would fill with water. I kept a large plastic cup in my car to bail the water out – seriously! Also, the back floorboard was rusted out, and any passengers that I had riding with me had to be careful where they stepped...carpet was the only thing between them and the ground...and none of us girls wanted to look like we were driving around in a “Fred Flintstone Car”, pedaled by our feet... All true...I am not exaggerating! (On the flip side of this, my friend Shelli drove a 2-seat Fiat convertible, so her car was the car of choice when we went cruising in Miami; and I was riding in her car when she introduced me to Mike in May 1986.)"

Sneaky way for me to get a new post, huh?   :)

13 September 2014

Ahmad's BMW

Here is a story about a little car kid, and a car.
This is a one-of-a kind 2003 BMW E46 M3 Individual Cabriolet, SMG, Velvet blue, crème white interior.

11 July 2014

Mark's Monte Carlo

Summer of 78 - I was just sprung from high school and finally got my own first car. It was a 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Maroon with a white vinyl top and a maroon interior with swiveling bucket seats. I put some US slot mags and Mickey Thompson tires on, with air shocks in back. Spent most of the summer just driving around in the soft, warm summer evenings, AC on, with the windows down and Pablo Cruise, The Eagles and Firefall playing through the Jensen 6x9s in the back shelf.
Sorry but there are no photos; we were too busy "Livin the Life" to think about the future or such mundane things as taking pictures. Thought those days would never end...